Built by collaborative industry and research development teams from leading Australian universities and from water industry organisations, with the help of generous funding from the Australian government, the Source platform is underpinned by world-class science and technical innovation and has been fully trialled and tested in a wide range of real-world water use situations. It is also:

* customisable to meet different planning and management settings
* flexible in response to evolving user needs and third-party models
* backed by a professional customer support and training team, and
* used by a growing network of water industry professionals.

eWater Source is an enterprise modelling platform and incorporates:

* industry-standard water management tools
* information and data resources
* customisation and flexibility
* and supports scientific research and knowledge.

Source is fully supported, with access to eWater specialists available through customised projects, support and maintenance agreements, regular blended learning training events, and face to face workshops

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